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Content Strategist

Jeff Fried is a Sports Performance Brand Content Strategist

Jeff helps sports performance brands that focus on fashion, apparel, training gear, accessories, and sports-related services emotionally connect with audiences, build loyalty and drive sales.

Jeff Fried fashion photography work with Wilhelmina Denver
sports performance female teenager posing in athletic leisure wear

Jeff Provides Sports Performance Brands with Video & Photography Strategy & Execution

man wearing a judo gi
man wearing a we defy foundation gi for jiu jitsu-

Jeff develops custom strategies to solve problems as a brand photographer and videographer

You need more than just a sports photographer — you need a strategist who understands the hurdles you're trying to overcome in order to solve the right problems.

young posing man with no shirt while he sits on a concrete ledge
young posing man in a zip up while holding sunglasses
adult man in the snow wearing a Spyder jacket
Portrait of Bradford Fried in the snow by Jeff Fried
Man playing in the snow a Spyder jacket
man stretching out in athletic wear
man with no shirt shadow boxing
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