Lifestyle Photography: Capturing the Everyday Enchantment

Lifestyle photography holds a magic lens to the daily tapestry of life, weaving stories through pictures in an organic, genuine way. This realm of photography crafts a tale through the camera, highlighting real-life events or situations artistically. It’s about the sweet harmony between the subjects and their milieu, inviting the viewer into the heart of the scene.

a lifestyle photograph by jeff fried photography an editorial photography expert for manhattan magazine and the lion king on broadway

Backstage with the crew from Disney's The Lion King on Broadway at the Minskoff Theatre in NYC

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is a rich mix of portraiture and documentary photography. It paints a picture of people in real-life scenarios, artistically narrating tales about individuals’ lives or inspirations. Unlike the more posed traditional portraiture, lifestyle photography seeks to capture the spirit of the person or family amidst their natural ambiance, rendering the images deeply personal and resonant.

Jeff Fried Photography UFC Photographer Drew Dober

Embarking on the Journey of a Lifestyle Photographer:

Grasping the Essentials:

Build a Portfolio: Your first step into the world of lifestyle photography begins with crafting a robust portfolio. This portfolio is your canvas, showcasing your distinctive style and the flavor of lifestyle photography you are enchanted by. Networking: Bond with fellow photographers, become a part of photography communities, and immerse yourself in workshops to learn, evolve, and grow your wings. Practice: The golden rule is practice. Shoot relentlessly, play with diverse styles and environments to discover what resonates with your artistic soul.

Have a look at Jeff Fried's lifestyle photography with UFC Fighters.

Engaging with Your Subjects:

Communication: A heart-to-heart communication with your subjects is fundamental. Make them feel at ease, comprehend their vision, and collaborate to weave beautiful imagery. Observation: Be a keen observer of your subjects, the space they breathe in, and the spontaneous interactions among them. This will lead you to capture raw, genuine moments that are the essence of lifestyle photography.

Here's a link to Jeff Fried's photography and video portfolios.

a portrait by Jeff Fried of Drew Dober showing off his taste for fashion and men's style
A portrait photograph of by Jeff Fried of UFC Fighter, Drew Dober looking like James Bond

Technical Mastery:

Camera Settings: Delve into the world of camera settings, learn to dance with different lighting moods and adapt to various environments - this knowledge is your magic wand. Post-Processing: Grasp the basics of post-processing to add that final touch of magic, making your photos gleam with professionalism and elegance.

Marketing Your Craft:

Social Media: Employ the power of social media platforms to exhibit your work and mingle with potential clients. Website: Establish a professional website that houses your portfolio, a blog to share your journey and insights, and a contact page for clients to reach you.

Jeff Fried's Thought of Lifestyle Photography

Jeff Fried, a seasoned lifestyle photographer, often emphasizes the emotive power held within lifestyle photography. According to him, each lifestyle image is a doorway into the lived experiences of individuals, a passage that leads the viewer into a world both familiar and new. Mr. Fried often talks about the unspoken dialogue between the subject and its surroundings, which is captured eloquently in lifestyle photography. He encourages budding photographers to delve deeper into the essence of everyday moments, to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. His thought process nudges photographers to go beyond the surface, to explore the narratives waiting to be told, and to use lifestyle photography as a medium to celebrate the simplistic yet profound nature of daily life. Through his lens, lifestyle photography is not just a genre, but a heartfelt approach to witnessing life as it unfolds, with all its hues and textures.

For a look at lifestyle videography dig through Jeff Fried's YouTube Channel where you'll find UFC Fighters including Drew Dober, Curtis Blaydes, Neil Magny, and retired UFC Fighter and owner of Aurora, Colorado's High Altitude Martial Arts, Cody Donovan.


Lifestyle photography is a voyage into the heart of people’s lives, narrating stories through visuals. With relentless practice, networking, and a sharp eye for capturing unscripted moments, you can carve a rewarding career as a lifestyle photographer, becoming a keeper of people’s treasured memories.

Throughout your journey, you may also explore various branches like lifestyle product photography, commercial lifestyle photography, lifestyle portrait photography, and even blend lifestyle fashion photography. Each avenue has its own charm and requires a nuanced approach. So, as you tread this path, keep your heart open to learning and your camera ready to capture the unscripted magic that unfolds every day.

This enriched domain not only allows you to capture lifestyle portraits or engage in lifestyle shoots but also opens a world of creativity like lifestyle jewelry photography or lifestyle photoshoot ideas. Your camera becomes the key to unlock the untold stories, the uncelebrated moments that make life beautiful. So whether you are a seasoned photographer or someone just starting, the world of lifestyle photography is bound to add a vibrant palette to your photographic journey.

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