A Complete Guide on How To Draw a Bike in 12 Steps

Draw to Marks

A Complete Guide on How To Draw a Bike in 12 Steps Add marks to represent the middle of each wheel - drawing a small X will work as a mark.

Draw Two Circles 

Add a circle for each wheel - the gap between the wheels should be about as wide as the radius of one wheel.

Draw Another Mark

Now place a mark between the center of the two circles, closer to the left circle - a simple X will work as a mark.

Draw an M

Draw the letter ‘M’ between the circles connecting the bottom points of the M to the three marks you’ve made so far.

Draw Two Horizontal Lines

Draw a horizontal line connecting the two high points of the M. Draw a horizontal line connecting your left most mark and the middle mark.

Draw Two Small Circles

Draw small circles in the middle of each wheel.

Draw More Lines

Double the lines of the bike frame. This will add volume to your bike.

Draw Your Seat

Add a seat and handle bars. You can stylize your seat and handle bars as you wish.

Add Gears and Foot Pedals 

Draw a circle for the gear wheel and add foot pedals.

Draw Two Inner Circle

Add an inner circle for the bicycle wheels.

Draw Spoke

Complete your wheels by adding spokes.

Finish with shading

Add definition and shading to bring your drawing of a bicycle to life.
the final step of how to draw a bike

Learn to Draw Even More

Learning to draw is a life-long journey — there is always more you can dig deeper into. Keep on learning, no matter where you are on the journey. Try a drawing class on SkillShare.com
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