Best Cameras for Amateur Photographers in 2024

Finding the best cameras for amateur photographers is basically the same process as finding a camera when you're a professional. I'm Jeff Fried and I have been a professional photographer in the photography industry for over a decade. There are some simple questions you need ask yourself before you buy your first camera and I can help. After reading this article you should feel ready to select a camera to purchase.

What is the Best Amateur Photographer Camera

The idea of 'what is the best' is always a subjective one, so it's no different when you ask what are the best amateur cameras. Let's start with what is an amateur. The first definition on for amateur is "[a] person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons."

Amateur stems from the Latin word amātor which means lover. Consider the origin of the word amateur when you are considering what camera to buy as an amateur photographer, as a lover of photography.

Is there a camera that is best for someone who is a lover of photographer? It seems like a lover of photography would love all cameras so answering the question comes down to what the individual wants to achieve with their camera.
If the goal is to continue loving photography, engaging in the practice and leaving room for growth, then you'll benefit from a camera with basic functions and a few solid features.
Something like a Canon Powershot G7x Mark III may be the camera for you.  It's compact so carrying it around is effortless. You don't have to worry about multiple lenses with its 4.2x optical zoom lens (24-100mm f/1.8-2.8) — and optical image stabilizer. It shoots 4k video in addition to photo and supports vertical shooting. The Canon G7x has a large 3-inch touchscreen that flips and rotates for perfect selfie view.
canon g7x mark iii with flip touch screen set up for a selfie

Is There Really a Best Amateur Photography Camera

No, there isn't an absolutely best amateur photographer camera. There are great options across many different price points and then there are some garbage options too. The same is true when considering an amateur camera as is true when considering a professional camera.  The best camera for amateur photographers is the one that fits their budget and has the basic features they require.

3 of the Best Cameras for Amateur Photographers

Canon has been a trustworthy brand name among amateurs and professionals for decades.

With the release of their newest Canon M50, they have once again proven that they can be trusted to deliver high-quality products.

The M50 is designed to be a versatile camera that is suitable for both amateurs and professionals alike. It can shoot in both Full HD and 4K video, which makes it perfect for those who are looking to make their first foray into the world of filmmaking.

The M6, on the other hand, is a mirrorless with interchangeable lenses — designed with professional photographers in mind.

The G7X is excellent for those who are looking for something more compact but still want quality images.

  1. Canon M50
  2. Canon M6
  3. Canon G7X

Which Camera Should I Buy

When trying to find the best camera for amateur photographers the first step to take is to think about what you want your camera to do. Do you want to be able to change lenses? Do you want a built-in optical zoom? Do you want a camera that also shoots video?

Make a short list of three must-have capabilities. 

Think about which format (or sensor size) will work best for your needs. A full frame camera offers the most detail in the image — it will also increase the value of the camera.

Budget is the number one factor when it comes to amateur photographer cameras. Determine what price point you want then find the camera that servers the features you need.

Buy This Camera if You're an Amateur Photographer on a Budget

If you're not making money from the camera then it's likely fair to say you are investing in the experience you'll gain from making and sharing images. So the best camera for amateur photographers is going to be the one that fits the budget and provides the right features and benefits.

For just over$1,000 the Canon offers the M6 is easily the "best" amateur camera — it's lean, lightweight, captures photo and video, and the image quality is excellent.

If you need to be under the $600 mark, then you should consider mirrorless Canon M50. It allows for interchangeable lenses. It's compact and great for aspiring photographers.

The Canon G7x Mark III is less than the M6 but more than the M50.

The Best Amateur Camera if Money is No Object

If your budget is not constrained then you will extremely pleased if you go with a Leica. More specifically go with the Leica M10 and start with a 35mm lens — ideally you can start with a 35mm and an 85mm. The Leica M10 is a sexy, low-profile work horse. Leica has been around since 1869 and has been regarded as a leading brand since.

leica m10 ecomm photo
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