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Editorial Photography

What is Editorial Photography?

Editorial photography is a type of photography used for creating visuals for various publications including magazines, newspapers, online media, and other types of editorial content. It includes many different kinds of images: food photographs highlighting cooked dishes and ingredients; fashion photographs featuring clothing catalogs and ads; travel pictures that capture the beauty of a particular destination; and photojournalism snapshots that tell stories. Editorial photography helps to bring stories to life while adding an artistic touch to any piece of writing. Professional photographers such as food photographers, fashion photographers, and photojournalists take on editorial photography projects to create unique visuals that add value to the content they are paired with.

What is Jeff Fried's Editorial Photography Experience?

With over a decade of print editorial experience under his belt, Jeff has completed hundreds of editorial assignments including shooting multiple covers for Americas Quarterly and Incisal Edge. Jeff Fried freelanced as the in-house marketing photographer for Modern Luxury, Manhattan Magazine for eight years.

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