Editorial Photography

What is Editorial Photography?

Editorial photography, a specialized field that brings stories to life through compelling visuals, encompasses a diverse range of imagery for publications like magazines, newspapers, and online media. This genre includes captivating food photographs that showcase dishes and ingredients in their most appetizing forms; fashion photographs that bring clothing catalogs and advertisements to life with style and elegance; travel images that capture the essence and beauty of various destinations; and impactful photojournalism snapshots that narrate powerful stories. Jeff Fried, with his extensive background in editorial photography, exemplifies the skill and creativity required in this field. Having shot multiple covers for well-known publications such as Americas Quarterly and Incisal Edge, and with a significant tenure as the freelance marketing photographer for Modern Luxury's Manhattan Magazine, Jeff's work demonstrates how editorial photography not only complements but elevates written content. His expertise in creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant images, whether it's in the realm of fashion, portraiture, or photojournalism, adds a unique artistic touch to each piece, enhancing the overall narrative. Photographers like Jeff, who specialize in portraits, fashion, and photojournalism, undertake editorial photography projects not just to create images, but to craft visuals that add significant value and depth to the content they accompany.

What is Jeff Fried's Editorial Photography Experience?

Boasting more than ten years of experience in print editorial photography, Jeff Fried has an impressive track record of completing numerous editorial assignments. His remarkable talent is highlighted by his work on several cover shoots for prestigious publications like Americas Quarterly and Incisal Edge. Notably, Jeff also served as the go-to freelance marketing photographer for Modern Luxury's Manhattan Magazine for eight years, a role in which he honed his skills in capturing the essence of luxury and elegance. This extensive experience underlines his expertise in creating images that are not only visually stunning but also deeply resonant with the editorial vision of each publication.

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